Amending Mistakes in Your Pupillage Papers Part 2: Amendments to Affidavits.

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*note: this is just meant to be a preliminary pointer about what you have do when you make a mistake with your papers. To ensure accuracy, liase with the Bar Council + KL Bar officers in charge, who will make sure you file the right papers. 

For amendments to Borang 1, click here!

Part 2 – Other amendments.

Most of the other Borangs and documents you file thereafter (Afidavit Penyampaian etc) are affidavits. Making a mistake on any of them would mean you have to file an Afidavit Pembetulan, or refile the affidavit with the mistake corrected.

How do you rectify it?

  1. Draft, affirm, and file an Afidavit Pembetulan to correct your mistake. Something along these lines [click on link for a sample].
  2. Serve it to the AG + Malaysian Bar + State Bar.

That’s it, you’re done! There’s no need to file another afidavit penyampaian to affirm that you have served it. Thank your heavens that your mistakes are easy to amend 😀


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