How to Conduct an Online File Search

Oh no, you’ve been asked to conduct a file search!

What is a file search?

A file search is basically something that allows you to read and/or print all the court documents filed in a case, with a time limit of 30 minutes each payment.

What’s the difference between an online file search and a manual file search?

Online file searches can be done through the efiling.kehakiman site, while manual file search has to be done at court. It’s better (and cheaper if you want to print documents) to do an online file search, but you can only do online file searches for cases filed after the efiling system has been in place.

What do I need to do a file search?

1. An online banking account (ask your firm for theirs, don’t pay yourself!)
2. RM12 in that account
3. The case number you’re asked to do a file search on.

How do I do a file search?

*Note: 1. you need to use a computer that you’re able to do efiling on, and has the little pendrive-token attached to it.
*Check that your case was started post-efiling before making any payment! If it’s a very old case, file searches can only be done manually, at the court counter.

1. Go to (home page)
2. Find a little tab called ‘Public Services’. Click on it.
3. On the list of ‘Available Public Services’, click on Purchasing of Ticket for Online File Search’.
4. Go through the motions of selecting the court the case is heard in and paying online with the online banking account you have.
5. If payment went through, print out the efiling receipt. Take note of the TICKET NUMBER in brackets – you’ll need it later!
6. Go back to the ‘Public Services’ tab. Click on ‘Conducting File Search Online’ this time.
7. A little window will open, asking you to input the ticket number at the side. Key it in.
8. If the ticket is valid, select/key in the relevant details of the case (Jurisdiction, State, Court, Case Number).
9. Select the case that popped up. NOTE: You can only use your ticket for one case!
10. If you’re searching for a document, click on the tab that says ‘Document Listing’. All the documents filed in the case should pop up.
11. Select the link to the document you’re interested in.
12. The document should pop up through a special software in a different window. Peruse/print your document there.

NOTE: Your 30 minutes would only start running and continue to run when you’ve opened any document, but doesn’t run when you’re only perusing the list of documents. To prolong the time available, only open up documents when you need them, and close the window as soon as you’re done with them!

Update: Mr Foong has came up with a more optimal way to do/print online file searches here –


FAQ/Common Problems.

Can I do a File Search online for Criminal Cases?
Sorry, no can do. Efiling.kehakiman only works for civil cases! For criminal cases you’d have to ask very nicely in person at the relevant court counter. (Sorry.)

When I try to open up my document, a pop-up would say ‘Unable to get response from client’s upload component. Please check your EFS client’s component installation.’ 😦
1. Check that you’re using the efiling computer with the little efiling token attached. (I’ve warned you, didn’t I?)
2. Make sure your efiling token/the connection is working now. Sign in to your efiling account, and you should see a little globe on the right hand side behind the time. If it shows a little ‘x’ in red, then it’s not connected. Sorry, you’ll have to wait till it works.

After keying in my case number to search for it, efiling says my case doesn’t exist 😦 Why?

Oh no! You must check to make sure your case is instituted post-efiling! Pre-efiling (which year?) cases must still be done manually, through the counter at court (located at B1 in the KL Court).

Any other questions/anything to contribute to this post? Leave a question or a message!


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