How to be Long-Called at a Different Court.

Asked to wait for months before your long call date at the KL Court, and wondering if you can be called at an earlier date at some other court? Here’s what you can do:

1. Get your instrument of admission from the Malaysian Bar (just tell them you want to be called at another court).

2. Bring: (a) the original certificates included as exhibits in Borang 6 to be verified; (b) a copy of the receipts for the DB payment + instrument of admission payment; (c) the instrument of admission – to the RKKK division in the respective court you were originally getting called in.

3. Fill up forms to transfer to another court given by the RKKK staff.

4. RKKK staff will verify and certify the certificates and forms.

5. Deliver a copy of the transfer forms + instrument for admission at the respective court you want to get called at. (Best to prepare a service letter to go with it, with your personal details [phone number, email address, home address] to go with what you’ve served. They’ll need the information, and it’s good for you to have an acknowledged copy as well).

6. Serve Borang 6, 7 ,8 to the Malaysian Bar, KL Bar, and AG Chambers. Get their acknowledgement. Liase with Malaysian Bar and KL Bar about their surat tiada bantahan to be forwarded to the respective courts and parties.

7. Serve copies of Borang 1- 8 to the court you want to be called at + its state bar.

8. In your Affidavit of Service for Borang 6, 7, 8, include a mention of your service of Borang 1 – 8 to the court you’re being called at + its state Bar as well.

That’s it. Good luck!

*Note that some State Bars (like Negeri Sembilan) refuses to accept your Borang 1 – 8 without a Surat Tiada Bantahan from your original state bar. It’s a good idea to call and check first!

* If you’ve had to make amendments to your Borang 1 – 8 (a Petisyen Terpinda to Borang 1, Afidavit Pembetulan to Borang 3/4, a Notis Penukaran Nama Firma Pengajar, or a Notis Penukaran Pengajar), it’s best to serve those to the court you’re being called at + its state Bar as well, so there are no confusion as to your papers.


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