How do I File Court Papers for Criminal Matters?

Landed with a criminal case in your mostly-civil-practice-only firm and someone has asked you to file something but gave no instructions? Or worse, they themselves have no clue how it’s filed?

It’s okay. This is basically how it works.

Unlike civil court cause papers (which all have to be efiled either electronically or through the court’s service bureau), the efiling system does not apply to criminal courts. You simply walk up to the relevant counter and file it by handing it to the relevant staff, or if you’re directed by the staff, you hand it to the relevant interpreter.

And don’t go there with thick wads of documents unbinded, with the assumption that they would have to be scanned in service bureaus like for civil matters! Bind your documents like you would normally.

Also, filing anything in the criminal courts is free – don’t need to bring cash.

Good luck!


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