MUST READ before you start pupillage!

No idea what pupillage is about and what the procedures are like? Worried about making mistakes in your pupillage papers? Just want a guide? The following are quite useful guides every pupil should read during their pupillage, esp before they file any papers.

Many state bars have revamped their website – with links to their pupillage resources not working as a result. Here’s a link to a saved copy of the Johor bar’s pupillage guide:

Johor Bar pupillage handbook

Do note however that it is slightly out of date – for example, you don’t need to be present the day of your short call anymore in some courts. I have made blue annotations in the relevant section of the guide to point that out.

Something else you need to ensure you make no mistakes with your pupillage papers – A guide to how to fill in your forms:

Guide to filling in Borang 1 – 8

Do note that in Borang 1 of the Guide, the bottom-most section (where you fill in the date) instructs you to “leave this blank”. Do not leave this blank – fill it with the date you are filing your Borangs. To do otherwise will mean you will have to go through the cumbersome process of rectifying Borang 1.

Something I found useful – print them out, bind them, and make them into a pupillage booklet. Helpful for you and the next pupil you can pass this down to.

Hope this helps!


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